Ford GT Detailing & bodywork care

Maintaining the paintwork of your car not only ensures that it looks its best but also preserves and protects the value.

We have a specialist vehicle detailer on hand who can improve the appearance of your cars paintwork and trim. Dark colours particularly show swirls and scratches and these need careful attention but can be removed and improved dramatically.

Paintwork depth is measured to ensure a full understanding of  the amount of correction that can be achieved whilst still leaving enough depth for any future work that may be required. As the Ford GT was hand painted from the factory this can vary significantly from panel to panel.

We use a variety of products chosen for their specific qualities. Our detailer is accredited by both Siramik and Definitive Wax which gives us access to the best of both Ceramic Coatings and Wax. This includes both the Siramik APT and Diamas systems.

We have the skills and expertise to achieve a standard of finish which befits both the Ford GT and Mustang, or any other vehicle you may wish to be detailed.

A typical example of an enhancement detail would consist of the following:

  • Wheels cleaned with non-acidic wheel cleaner (brake dust fall-out removed, if required)
  • Tyres and wheel arches cleaned with appropriate products
  • Pre-wash exterior of vehicle with either citrus-based pre-wash or snow foam (various detailing brushes used to get into all of the hard to reach areas)
  • Two-bucket wash with lamb’s wool wash mitts (including door shuts and engine compartment shuts)
  • Tar removed from vehicle
  • Exterior paintwork clayed to remove the last of the bonded contaminants and leave paintwork ready for machine polishing stage
  • Final rinse and dried with specialised drying towels
  • Paintwork depth readings taken to ascertain the thickness of paint which will determine how aggressively the car can be polished in the quest to remove surface imperfections. As every Ford GT is hand painted, this can vary significantly from panel to panel
  • Machine polishing stage or stages with Flex & Festool rotary machine polishers and the appropriate pads and compounds for your car’s paint and condition. This will help to remove minor scratches, swirls and bird lime etching as well as returning the gloss clarity and reflectivity to the car’s paintwork
  • Siramik Ceramic Coatings, Sealants or Waxes are used to seal and protect the paintwork and exterior trim. We use only the finest quality products which can be chosen by the customer should they have any preference
  • Wheels sealed with Nano-based Wheel Sealants or Ceramic Coatings which will help to repel brake dust and general road grime
  • Tyres dressed
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Interior plastics and panels cleaned and dressed
  • Exhaust tips cleaned and polished
  • Final inspection to ensure the finished work meets our high standards.

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