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Coming from the US there is a wide range of modifications and upgrades available for both the Ford GT and the Mustang.

GT101 are an installing dealers for Whipple Superchargers, Accufab Racing, KW Suspension, Classic Design Concepts, Classic Additions, Guerin Design, Stillen, Steeda and Anderson Composites.

We have very good contact with the US Ford scene and offer installation of all vehicle upgrades including body, powertrain, chassis, and interior. Working alongside the most prominent US suppliers we can help you tailor your GT to your exact requirements.

It is always important to ensure any upgrades are properly engineered and installed. We’ve fitted a large number of modifications to customer’s cars and can help you personalise your GT.

From adding a battery charge point to doubling the power output there is a big range of options available to all owners.

The most popular Ford GT cosmetic upgrades include the bumper delete kits which smooth and tidy the rear of the car enormously. The Classic Design Concepts kit is fully reversible kit and it genuinely enhances the appearance of the Ford GT. We also supply billet aluminium parts to replace some of the plastic vents and exterior components on the car. We can also install vertically opening doors to improve ingress and egress particularly when parked closely to another car or wall.

As KW suspension dealers we’ve fitted several of their Varient 3 fully adjustable suspension kits which replace the stock dampers and springs with adjustable coil over units which mean we can set the ride height, bump and rebound settings specifically to suit the planned use for the car. Whist enhancing the look of the car with a more sporty stance it also reduces body roll with extremely good ride comfort.

The GT has plenty of power (550hp) as standard and with the standard supercharger this can be increased to around 630hp with a revised pulley and calibration. Moving to a larger supercharger from Whipple means that the engine can reliably produce up to around 780hp with standard internals. Higher power is available with twin turbo installations or a specially built engine.

Brake upgrade kits from AP Racing and Stillen are available to handle track use or added power.

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