Buying a Ford GT, like buying any supercar, is something that should be done from a well-informed position.

Having personally dealt with the vast majority of Ford GTs in the UK and a large number in Europe, GT101 is in the best position to advise buyers and sellers of vehicles through the complete sale and purchase process.

We offer vehicles for sale on behalf of existing owners and we’ll try to track down a car if you’re looking for a particular colour, mileage or specification.

We know the service history of most cars and can shed some light on past modifications or help you plan your own.

We usually have a variety of vehicles on the premises so if you want to come down, have a coffee and talk through the details of a particular car, or discuss the GT in general then we’re always happy to help.

We have traveled to various locations and countries to perform pre-purchase inspections for customers. Before committing to purchase a car we believe that it is prudent to arm yourself with as much information as you can. Our inspections include a photographic record and written report detailing the condition of the car and an indication of what may be required to get the car to the very best it can be.

If you have any questions about buying or selling a Ford GT please don’t hesitate to contact us.